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The Golden Rock Retreat is rated as one of the best in the world.

Situated on the North East tip of Bali three and half hours from Depensar and about 10km southeast of Amed.

They have four beach-front bungalows  and a larger two bedroom villa right on the headland with fantastic views of the coastline. You can watch the sunrise over Lombok. The larger two bedroom villa can accommodate up to 4 guests and is great for families or friends.

All of the villas at the Golden Rock Retreat do not have TV, Wi FI or Internet access as this is detrimental to the healing process.

Outside the Headland Villa

Headland Villa Jacuzzi... Great views of the sunset..

Inside the Headland 2 bedroom Villa. 

All of the villas have air conditioning and private meditation areas.  They have indoor/outdoor bathrooms which are fantastic and all have wonderful views of the sea.

Views from Villa 1 out to the sea.

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Golden Rock Retreat

At the Golden Rock Retreat you have a choice of the 4 or 10 day programmes, and of course if you want to stay longer you can.

I only stayed for the 4 day programme, which was enough for me, but I think time permitting I would have loved to stay for the whole 10 day journey. It is not for the light hearted, but in saying that, it isn't too hard, once you immerse yourself fully in the programme.

Made talked me through everything and explained to me what to expect, everything is there for you except food Ha! Ha! It is a bit of a challenge but well worth it, I came away a couple of kilos lighter and feeling fantastic.

I was fed cleansing drinks,liver cleansing shakes, probiotics, teas, soups and nutritional support as well. Nearly every 2 hours you are given  a cleansing drink etc so there is no time to get hungry.

The location is quite remote and very tranquil and beautiful. I filled my days relaxing, watching DVD's, swimming, having massages, reflexology and all the other cleansing treats. I went snorkelling as well, which was great and a lot of fun. Sometimes I just laid back and enjoyed the serene surroundings.

All the staff are very helpful and attentive and the rooms clean and comfortable as well as beautiful.

There are lots of inclusions in the programme. Exercises, Chi-kung, Yoga, Meditation,Bio-Magnetic Therapy,Ozone Therapy ,Herbal Steams and Infra Red Saunas.

You will get out of this programme, what you put in, it is well worth the time and effort, I felt fabulous after only 4 days.

It is very good value, other retreats will charge you extras for massages and other treatments at an expensive price.

This Golden Rock Retreat is definitely on my go back to list for a complete detox. It is great value for money, with beautiful surroundings, only visit if you are wanting to truly detox and not just hang out at a retreat eat healthy and have a few massages.


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